Unity and God coming in power

Dan Lee, New to Durham but loves the place and God keeps talking to him about one thing - unity and that God will move in power not just here but throughout the nation and beyond. If we are unified we allow God to use us more than if we are not. Saw a picture of a wall built of bricks the size of sofas. Guy with a ladder and a chisel chipping away at a brick, led to light streaming through the wall. Thought would take forever to break it down the whole wall. Then saw lots of people doing the same and all the light flooded through. What is the wall? Offense that we can harbour in our hearts. He designed us to be unified in him. My dream is to see Durham with a culture of seeking God and not in separate silos but together. Kid (8) asked him for a cigarette, but what if the kid asked him if he knew Jesus. What if there were many houses of 24/7 prayer? What if people said Durham was where you needed to go if you wanted to be healed?

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