Church that desires God first

Joel Wood, We need to be a church that desires God and him first above everything. See middle class christians that want comfort. Don't see the desire to give to God. If we're going to have the community we want it's going to take sacrifice, and a desire for God and his glory. We don't realise how sick the church is with consumerism. People need love and care and we should give this to people. My dream is for an open and hospitable community, and that has to start in my home. I want to see them healed and moved to worship God. I know this is going to take sacrifice - it's not a romantic thing. Having someone knock on your door at 2am to talk to you and not see change is not easy, but if we're in it to serve God we will do it. God is not dependent upon us - could raise up rocks to do it. But if we are willing to sacrifice and not waste life living for me, he will use us. We need to be kind not just nice.

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