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Dan Northover, Was a student 3 years ago, now work pt as an accountant and pt running a charity. I really wanted as a student to be reaching the most hurt and disadvantaged not just stay in a university bubble. We opened our home and fed people and gave them a bed if they needed it. It was hard and not pleasurable but exciting. We saw people who really wanted to make a change and turn their lives around and accept Jesus. I wanted to do more. The best times were when we were doing practical things together and sharing stuff and having great conversations. The idea came together to set up a project where the most disadvantaged people could come together with Christians on skills that would give them confidence and make them employable. It's called Handcrafted because we work with our hands but also because we are God's handiwork. People can be restored and give to society. Do a day of woodworking and a day of gardening. Also appliance engineering.

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