Creativity from the Creator

Suki Spicer, So many dreams - huge heart for creativity. It's what we see first of God at creation. He has made billions of people and all are creative. Biggest dream is to see everyone released into creative - conventional arts but also within the area of life God has given us. We have access to the Heavenly Father so we can be creative in our area if we are connected to him. My heart is to see people released into this and the church to be at the forefront of this - Christians writing songs that go around the world - best businesses being lead by people influenced by God. People who don't know God coming into relationship with him and released into their true identities through this encounter. We know the most amazing Dad so we can show this to the world to transform others. Introduce the God who made this world So often we discount ourselves but we are sons with an inheritance. We might not yet have seen some things but that doesn't mean it's not going to happen. We are so busy telling ourselves we're not good enough, but we have the connection with heaven.

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