Adult fostering

Andrew Linton, Aware that if he shares this he might have to start doing something about it. Works for Aquila Way, a charity that works with the homeless. Heartbreaking background to one particular girl. For a few weeks saw great changes then all of a sudden things went downhill rapidly and tipped over. Reflecting on why this might be, maybe it's not good to be alone and she had a deep loneliness, was on her own for three weeks. Even if people have their issues sorted, they still come back because it's where they feel safe and comfortable. We were praying for a miracle and felt perhaps we were the miracle and nothing else was going to happen. Felt at the moment this wasn't costing us very much. Later on phone to her, she was in a terrible situation and he wanted to do something - adult fostering. He knows houses of strong girls and wanted to phone and say will you take her and love her and let her experience a strong community? Would cost so much and not be short-term.

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