Vision without action is hallucination

Simon, I have too many dreams and noted them down - equality, poverty, environment, politics, transformation of whole society, evangelism, mental health, the persecuted, taking the Bible at its word, a proper view on singleness, but most of all, what do we do with our dreams? If just have them and do nothing with them they aren't going to go anywhere. They need to go somewhere - just sharing and putting them out there is important because they may be picked up by others. Jessie took 10 years to get here. How many of our dreams are going to be going strong and visible in 10 years time? We might need to sacrifice and get up in the middle of the night to make it happen. God will make them happen but not on his own. He uses his church to make them happen and we need the dream. The church doesn't talk much about perseverance, yet will be needed to see these come about and see something start to happen out of nothing. We can be strategic and take on what the world uses but can never discount God. Dream that these dreams don't just sit in this room but are taken forward.

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