Responsible for moving culture

Johnny Middleton, My dream is to be responsible for moving culture back into glorifying God. Have so much talent in the church but unless it's used to glorify God it's being wasted. Songs, films, "The Voice" is talking about stuff that is rubbish. We just change the lyrics a bit but where's the creativity in that? We have an important prophetic role to speak out. If you want to change the culture need to change the language. Do we believe God is a big God? Where are the believers? Why isn't there a level of holiness amongst film-makers, etc taking a stand for God. I want us to flood that space, get inspired by who God is and start reflecting that back into the culture. My dream is to see believers, through hours of prayer, at the forefront with a level of holiness and passion leading to people weeping and being convicted by the Holy Spirit.